Medway House Hunting Checklist

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Buying a home in Medway, Massachusetts is no easy task. You want to make the right decision. Whether you're a first-time or experienced buyer, this Home Buyers' Checklist presents many of the impact points to consider when deciding on a house. Aside from price, you want to ensure that the home plus the neighborhood surpass the needs and wants of your family.

To help you narrow your "possibilities" list from the computer to the list of properties you tour, take this checklist along when you go house hunting. Put an emphasis on the items that are most important to you. It'll help you put things into perspective and use true to life ways to measure the homes you've been viewing. By thinking through this list, you can compare the features of up to three homes. Click here to print this page.

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Property Address      
Asking Price $ $ $
Real Estate Taxes $ $ $
The Neighborhood
Near Work      
Miles Away From Schools      
Miles Away From Stores / Dining      
Miles Away From Highways      
Close to Public Transportation      
Miles Away From Physicians      
Miles Away From Churches      
Garbage Collection      
Traffic Signs      
Streets / Alleys Well-Maintained      
Traffic Volume      
Neighbors' Properties Well-Maintained      
All Utilities Available      
Neighborhood Restrictions      
Near Airports / Trains      
Area Zoned Residential      
Near Industry      
Proposed Special Assessments      
Environmental Concerns / Influences      
The Home
Age of Home      
No. of Stories      
Wood Frame, Brick Frame or Siding      
Roof Condition      
Foundation Quality      
Overall Exterior Quality      
Garage Size      
No. of Bathrooms      
No. of Closets      
No. of Bedrooms      
Oil, Gas or Electric Heat      
Central Air Conditioning      
Energy-Conservation Features      
Age of Heating System      
Age of Water Heater      
Capacity of Water Heater      
Age of Electrical Wiring      
Quality of Plumbing Pipes      
Estimated Water Bill $ $ $
Estimated Heating Bill $ $ $
Estimated Electric Bill $ $ $
Living Spaces      
Separate Dining Space      
Family Room      
Carpeting - No. of Rooms      
Eat-In Kitchen      
Stove / Oven (Gas / Electric)      
Garbage Disposal      
Broken / Drafty Windows      
Storm Windows / Screens      
Washer / Dryer Outlets      
Laundry Room      
Converted Basement      
Sump Pump / Drainage      
Connected to Sewer System      
Patio / Deck      
Backyard Fence      
Curb Appeal      
Property Boundaries      
Safety (dead bolts, detectors)      
Building Code      
Ability to Renovate / Enlarge House      

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